WhO ArE wE?

First and foremost, we want to make sure that ‘Avo&Cado’ is more than – yet another – streetwear brand. We try to show that it is not necessary to look at everything in such a serious way, and that it is just way more fun (for everyone) that people are able to wear the clothes that they identify with themselves. Our clothes are unisex, for all ages, and without the implementation of borders or putting people into places where society is telling them they should belong.

Wear your memories with us!

Here at ‘Avo&Cado’, our intention is to be a part of your most memorable moments, while you are wearing our clothing. I mean, can you imagine those moments? Your first kiss, that one unforgettable BBQ during the best summer of your life, where you stayed up with your friends until the sunrise? Yeah, we can as well. And it would be awesome to be a part of that. It would be awesome that you would wear your memories with us.

"A feeling, or a vibe, rather than a lame piece of fabric."

Just being a little more than ‘another piece of clothing’, just getting the best out of your own personal moments, whether they are productive or for leisure. This is where Avo&Cado wants to be different, you get us? Being a feeling, or a vibe, rather than a lame piece of fabric.